We operate from our very well maintained, high-quality maintenance facilities which can be reached easily, both on ground- and airside. That is KLM Equipment Services. We ensure that you experience no delay when passing to/from land- or airside and that your entire fleet of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is constantly in a perfect state of serviceability.

What do we offer?

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance, including, among other things: APK (MOT test), APVK (Annual Safety Inspection) and inspection of cooling systems
  • Implementation of modification programmes
  • Support relating to supplier’s warranty
  • Expertise in all sorts of GSE maintenance
  • Certified technicians
  • Mobile repair-maintenance teams
  • Quick response to all your maintenance needs (24/7 breakdown service).

Maintenance and repair of all types of equipment

  1. Motorised equipment
    Maintenance of hydraulics, electronics, diesel technology, cooling technology, hydrostatic- and electrical drive mechanisms, PLC techniques.
  2. Non-motorised equipment
    Maintenance including all welding, bodywork and damage repairs.
  3. Truck maintenance
    - Repair of trucks and cars including MOT certifying.
  4. Fuel  truck maintenance
    - Maintenance of aircraft refuelling trucks (up to 90.000 litres capacity) and fuel dispensers.
  5. Battery maintenance
    - Repairs and maintenance of battery-powered vehicles.
    - Regular battery checks on location.
    - Regeneration of traction batteries, to extend life time
  6. Hoisting equipment 
    - All hoisting equipment used in an EU Country must be CE-certified. KLM Equipment Services supplies, manages, certifies and offers periodic maintenance of lifting equipment.
    - We also carry out all insopection activities of hoisting equipment at location if required.
  7. Breakdown service 24/7
    - Our 24/7 breakdown service can repair your equipment efficient to make it ready for your operation at the soonest.

KLM Equipment Services’ skilled and well-trained personnel are always ready to be of service to you at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.